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FAIRY LINE AND FAIRY TEA PARTY ARE FOR SALE! Retail orders no longer accepted. If you are interested in purchasing a portion of remaining inventory or taking over this magical, empowering line, email drljwellness@gmail.com or call 813-333-2626. Dr. LJ Rose is now changing and saving lives by healthy living advocacy at www.drljs.com.

Soap star creates fairy haven for new daughter

I wanted the room to have a magical, fairy tale feel — complete with princesses and fairies.
-Michelle Stafford

"Young and the Restless star Michelle Stafford opted for a fairy theme for her daughter — she went all out too!" Christina Coppa at CafeMom reports.

"It was all in the major decor details: Jeanie Shackelford Designs created a fairy perched on a swing in a tree, the sofa is vintage and from the 1930's, and the Villa Bella beloved crib by Karla Claus is gold and elegant."

For those of you wanting to create for girls of all ages, we at Fairy Line Naturals™ offer a huge selection of fairy room decor. Tons of customers use our fairy wings to embellish their walls, and our Magical Fairy Room Decor Kit includes everything you need to get started with your own fairy haven.

Fairy Therapy™ - Fairy Boxes (Part 2)

In honor of the full moon in Sagittarius, I made a Fairy Box. Using a box made of natural materials, I filled it with:

  • crystals
  • shells
  • feathers
  • little knick knacks
  • brazil nuts
  • cranberries
  • homemade raw cookies
  • essential oils

I put it under a special "fairy tree" we have on the other side of the pond. I do this every year on either the April or May full moon. It brings many blessings to your home and loved ones.

The timeless appeal of fairies: before Tinkerbell, kids loved The Brownies!

The Brownies... were favorites of children from 1883 into the 1930s. [They] were tiny fairies, all male, who each night cleaned and fixed things for humans — that is, if they weren't exploring or playing tricks.
- CTPost

Everyone knows that kids today love Tinkerbell™ and her friends; – you can find their faces on all sorts of products. But did you know that long before Tinkerbell, in the late 1800s, kids loved another group of fairies, all boy fairies at that?! The Brownies™ appeared in magazines, books, advertisements, toys, games, costumes, fabrics, china, jewelry, silver, but their claim to fame came in 1900 when Kodak used them to promote its new camera.

Read more at The Brownie Camera or at CTpost.com.

Chores getting out of hand? Fairies to the rescue!

Work! Work! Work! How I hate it! Hate it! Hate it!
-An Old Woman

Via TH: "Too Many Fairies" deals with an old woman who has grown tired of doing housework and finally reaches her breaking point. As she shouts out how much she hates work, there is a knock at the door.

It's a little fairy, and he comes in offering to do the dishes. Although this is one less job to do, the old woman still grumbles — this time as she begins sweeping the floor. Again there is a knock at the door, and again there is a little fairy offering to help.

As her house fills up with fairies, the old woman has a new problem: the fairies won't stop working. They even begin to tear up her house and belongings just so they'll have something to clean. She soon flees to the village wise woman, seeking a solution to her problem.

Disney Fairies online game finally adds a male character

You are so cool! Are fairies always so skinny and pretty like you?
-9-year-old girl to a Disney fairy

After months of lobbying by its players, Disney Fairies® finally added a male character option to its online game's avatar line-up. However, this controversy is simply the latest in Disney®'s long and checkered past when it comes to celebrating the important strengths of all genders and cultures. Fortunately, The Fairy Line™ has always upheld positive character traits in our fairies.

Last year, Suzy Freeman-Greene echoed fears about the effect that the "unfailingly sweet [fairies], inanely giggling beauties" invading popular culture could have on the young female psyche. She went on to to call for the resurgence of the disappearing breed of feisty fairies.

As the most popular fairies on the market, the Disney Fairies® received the brunt Greene's wrath. A mother herself, her concerns emerged when she saw what exactly young girls admired. Rather than focusing on traits like intelligence or courage, "thin" and "pretty" are the main messages that young girls seem to pick up from the Disney Fairies®.

Critics believe that this discrepancy could stem from an exorbitant cultural focus on bodies rather than on character, a focus that bleeds into Disney Fairies® merchandise and into the way young girls perceive it.

This year, the Disney Fairies® leapt into controversy again when fans began decrying the inability to select a male character in the franchise's massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), hugely successful amongst the younger demographics.

Critics bemoaned Disney® as once again reinforcing rigid gender roles, since all up-to-date game developers know that statistically, players like to choose characters that closely represent themselves. Therefore, critics interpreted Disney's refusal to add a male playing option as a blatant message that males need not apply.

Instead, children – including many young boys that partake in the MMOG – who wanted to play using male avatars resorted to clever methods to break the gender barrier, like creating tall fairies with short hair and androgynous names. For those shocked that boys play the seemingly feminine game, Salon writer Mary Elizabeth Williams notes, "It's a pretty sophisticated virtual world, a visually rich place to hang out and play games, and a safe forum to talk to other kids. Also, you can fly around with your awesome wings."

She continues to point out that "maybe the most compelling reason for sneaking boys into fairyland is that despite our biological differences and the sex role expectations that start the moment we're wriggled into pink or blue booties, gender is a remarkably pliable thing."

So, players and parents celebrated last month when Disney Fairies® finally responded to demands to add a male avatar and openly welcomed male players into their magical world. "Nonetheless, Disney appears to have taken some measures to prevent the most obviously interesting forms of thoughtcrime," boingboing pointed out, "For example, male fairies aren't called fairies, but Sparrow Men."

It isn't surprising that a mass-production company like Disney® pumps out the same old mass-manufactured ideas. That's where small operations like The Fairy Line™ have a huge advantage over behemoths like Disney®. We don't rely on market domination to stay on top – we innovate to get noticed. We also treat each customer as a person and with dignity and respect. We use safe all-natural ingredients. We don't put anything in our products that we wouldn't won't our own children using.

That's why Fairy Line Naturals™ had a male fairy years ago. We also have a mother fairy, a grandmother fairy, and fairies of many different cultures and races.

We even have a fairy of self-acceptance. They all have varying backgrounds, cultures, and strengths. We didn't do it just to expand our marketing outreach – we did it because it's the natural and right thing to do. I'd like to see Disney beat that lineup.

Perhaps more important than the diverse makeup of our fairies, each and every fairy has a character trait. Furthermore, a renowned psychologist specially selected each fairy's individual character traits. We didn't just throw in words that sounded good. Each fairy represents an archetype – a universally recognized symbol – meaning we offer positive role-models that children can easily digest.

For example, nobody can deny the beauty of Xiomara, Spirit of the Rainforest, but equally as important, this Fairy of Courage and Abundance serves as a warrior of the forest, by actively protecting it and its inhabitants, and by spreading awareness about conservation. Many girls we meet choose Xiomara as their favorite fairy, not just because they admire her beauty, but they look up to her strong, assertive personality.

"Perhaps it's time to reclaim these fabulous beings," Greene concluded, "making them a celebration of the imagination rather than consumption."

Way ahead of you.

Fairy Girls walk with Easter Seals

Here is a group of our precious "Fairy Girls" at the Easter Seals annual "Walk-with-Me" event in Hyde Park on Saturday. They helped people color their lily flowers to commemorate the walk. GO FAIRY GIRLS CLUB!

Fairy houses mark spring

Excerpted from an article published by Lynne Klaft in The Telegram!

Celtic lore says: If you build a fairy house, they will come.

Rustic and fanciful fairy houses, maypole dancing, May baskets and fairy cakes celebrated springtime in New England at the Doyle Conservation Center.

“It’s an Irish tradition in my family, and I’ve been making them since I was a little girl; playing in nature. I wanted to raise my daughter the same way; she loved the fairy stuff when she was young,” said Ms. Martin, a local high school teacher.

Image from EnchantedGardens

Over the past few weeks Ms. Martin and her daughter, Gabrielle, made dozens of fairy houses constructed of tree bark, twigs, broken flower pots, wicker baskets, moss, pine cones and acorns, then set them out in shrubs, along stone walls, in tree stumps, and on and around the trails and the grounds of the conservation center’s parklands.

The building of fairy houses is a longtime tradition in New England, especially in Vermont and Maine, according to Ms. Martin.

If you attract a fairy to your fairy house, know that a reciprocal invitation to visit the land of fairies is a high honor, but remember that if you eat or drink anything there, you may never leave.

Read the whole article at The Telegram!

Website redesign!

What a year 2010 has been! First, we upgraded to a much more powerful software to give you a faster and better surfing experience. Now, we've redesigned our website to make it easier for you to get around! We've increased the width of our layout by 33% to reduce clutter, selected an easier-to-read font and enlarged the text, and added an action to bar to the top of the page to streamline navigation. We are listening to your feedback and making the changes you want, so let us know what you think!

Artist: "I saw a lot of fairies 2004-2010"

Via KalonSet. Kyotaro is well known for her wide range of artistic activities, such as creating pieces for magazines, illustrations, advertisements, animations, and comics. For her last exhibition, she featured gods, which held an absolute presence in their quiet and dignified world, all drawn by pencil. This time around, Kyotara composes a narrative of fairies, an ongoing project since 2004. Thus, her latest exhibition at Mizuma Art Gallery features her series I Saw a Lot of Fairies 2004-2010. Viewers can experience Kyotara's passion in her meek lines and watery colors.

Kyotara expressively details the birth and rebirth of her fairies, as well as their behavior. In their dynamic countenances, we see joy, sorrow, and wistfulness. As viewers, we even wonder if we are actually in the land of fairies. She portrays her fairies colorfully with soft and sensitive mediums such as colored pencils, watercolor, and acrylic. The residences of the heavenly world, the Silurian god, and the seven princesses of Pleiades, stand before us on large canvases, as if we look upon them in the flesh.

Kyotara has worked with the elusive and mythical before. She featured gods in 2008 exhibition, but this year she found herself attracted to fairies. "The world of gods and fairies are totally different," she notes. "However, they exist on the same spot at the same time. I believe that there are various dimensions existing on this earth. I feel like this world is not only of humans. I had to complete this artwork so I won't forget that fact. I want remind many people that this earth is truly a huge place and that everything on it is connected. I want to help people to recognize ourselves, we who are pressing on toward the future every minute."

Fairies: mom's little helpers

From Robyn Cancio, Communications Fairy

Fairy Line Naturals was created by a therapist, and it is evident in the concept and quality of the product line. The science of the essential oils mixed with the whimsy and wisdom of the fairies, combined with the psychology behind the power of suggestion mean that these products really work and are a parent's best tool for helping their children fight their fears.

Fairies are a symbol of hope and love, and provide a sense of awe and wonder for a young child, and the inner child, as well. The fairies are not about religion or clashing with your spiritual beliefs.

As a mother, I trust a company that uses all natural ingredients and endeavors to be as green as possible. I prefer to support a company that invests in the well being of children and provides unique products that make life a little easier for my family. Fairy Line Naturals also provides fun services such as Fairy Tea Parties and even has a Fairy Girls Club that mentors young girls and teaches them to "Just Do Good!" in their community. It is this philosophy of "Just Do Good!" that appeals to me, in particular. Sure, the products work, and the fairy wings are beautiful; I also love the story behind each of the unique fairies. It is the company's commitment to help others and make this world a healthier, happier place that has impressed this mother the most! This is why I decided to work for them and am now in my 11th month with Fairy Line Naturals.

FAIRY ALERT: This month's Fairy Girls Club will be held at the Easter Seals Walk With Me event in Hyde Park at 9 am May 15th. We hope you will come out to see our Fairy Girls and support this great charity. Easter Seals happens to be Dr. Rose's special project!

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