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Fairy Fan Mail

FAIRY LINE AND FAIRY TEA PARTY ARE FOR SALE! Retail orders no longer accepted. If you are interested in purchasing a portion of remaining inventory or taking over this magical, empowering line, email drljwellness@gmail.com or call 813-333-2626. Dr. LJ Rose is now changing and saving lives by healthy living advocacy at www.drljs.com.

We love hearing from our customers about all of the wonderful and inspired ways they are enjoying our magical products. Over the years, we have received many lovely fairy fan mail messages. We have included some of our favorites here. Email us with your testimonial and we can include it on this page!

Living My MoMent

What little girl doesn’t dream of meeting a fairy or pretending that she is a fairy with magical dust? [...] The first thing [my daughter] noticed was the Fairy Dusting Wand and the Fairy Boa Hair Ties because they have a soft fuzziness to them. She loved the way they felt on her skin and she kept rubbing them all over her face. Next, we opened the Fairy’s Breath Anti-Monster Mist and the babycalm soothing body cream and these both had a whimsical smell to them so that you felt as if you were in a room full of fairies and did not feel overpowered by the fragrance at all. [...] Our package came complete with Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams to put on her sheets so we read the book and then dusted her bed. She thought all the products from the goodie bag were just so great. Now I know that my little girl is definitely going to want to be a girly girl equipped with all the fairy fantasies.

Julie P.
Forest Lake, MN

My daughter, Emily, age 4 has often had trouble falling asleep over the years. She has used all the stall tactics imaginable and would usually want either my husband or myself to stay with her until she fell asleep. She was also waking up through the night. She was anxious about the dark, monsters under the bed and you name it. And then about two months ago everything changed. I attended a Wand and Wings workshop and discovered Fairy Spray! We started using it the following night and voila…it has worked like magic. It’s a fabulous product and Emily has even sprayed her brother’s room and the robin’s nest in our backyard so the fairies would come to protect them. It has made a world of difference and has helped her feel safe and protected, not to mention giving my husband and I a better night’s sleep. Skeptical, I thought at first it might only last a few nights, but it’s been two months and we’re all still sleeping better... it’s wonderful.

Michelle L. Petaluma, CA

Thank you so much for your quick response... I appreciate your dedication to customer service... By the way…my daughter is 3 ½, and has been terrified of the dark for a full year now... I’ve tried everything... night light, noise maker, music, flashlight, dolls, books and I let hr pick out her own complete bedroom set, including a new twin-sized bed (so I could sleep with her because I was determined not to let her in my bed) along with all of the bedding, curtains, etc. Well, my friend bought her a packet of your fairy dust and a wand, and we now have our nightly sprinkling... SHE’S SLEEPING ALL ALONE!!! (What’s even better, is that I’m now sleeping with my husband again…Let me tell you, a grown woman, a 3 ½ year old, and any number of stuffed animals in one twin-sized bed does not make for a good night’s sleep! :-)

Debbie, Melbourne, FL

Thank you so much. Words cannot describe how much fun my 6 year old daughter had with the fairy dust and the dream keeper. All your products are lovely. It was so amazing her and one other friend who is 4 were outside and they were using the fairy dust, as the sun caught the particles the dust actually looked like the angelic beings that I sense in meditation. Both of them were so connected with this energy and keep laughing running around trying to catch the fairies. It was beautiful.

Robyn, San Diego

Hi Dr Rose! Well, the power of fairies worked! My daughter goes to bed now without mentioning monsters. Sure I still have problems getting her into to bed and settled. But at least she is not scared anymore. That is what I was hoping for. Thank you sooo much for your help. This was the greatest idea. She still sometimes wakes in the middle of the night still and wants me to sleep with her. But she does not mention monsters. She tells me she feels safe now.

Laurel E.
Lead Teacher
Costa Mesa Headstart

I especially love to use the Fairy Dew Magical Lotion as an “anti-boo boo crème”. When the kids get an owie and a band-aid is not enough, it makes them feel better because of the soothing aloe vera and the aromatherapy. I tell them that the sparkles are kisses from the fairies, to make it all better. And when they are supposed to be resting in their quiet-time, I sometimes take the fairy dust out as a treat and shake it over them and they would get still and quiet. Sometimes if the kids have a bad dream, they ask for the Anti-Monster spray, which makes them feel safer. Children react to the product: All of the kids love it -- it makes them playful and laugh. And adults do, too! The spray is great for a linens, to make everything fresh. I also like having the fairy dust as a body powder after my bath! Thanks.

Kathy D.
Forest Lake, MN

My daughter Jasmyn, age 8, was immediately taken with the Magical Dream Catcher. She had always wanted a dream catcher and this one had a little pouch to write down her dreams, wishes, and goal. We hung the Magical Dream Catcher on the ceiling fan above her bed. Before bed she wrote down two wishes, put them in the pouch and said a prayer to God and the fairies. Her wishes were related to school. The next day was a magical and amazing day! Jasmyn came home from school beaming reporting that she aced two tests, did the most pull ups during physical fitness day, got bonus box from a teacher who rarely gives bonus box, and even won a soda at the movie store that night. She felt so empowered and special that day, and now when she really wants to refocus or change a habit or pattern she writes it down, puts it in the little pouch, prays and wishes with all her might. What a wonderful way to teach children how to make their dreams come true!


I bought a bottle of the Anti-Monster Mist for my daughter. (she is almost 3 yrs old.) she has recently started having fears about her bedroom and the occasional bad dream. Whenever she is feeling the least bit fearful, We go through the room and she lets me know where I need to spray. Once that's done, she's very pleased and comfortable in her room!

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