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The Fairy Line - Celebrating Ten Years of Infusing Joy and Magic into Everyday Reality
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FAIRY LINE AND FAIRY TEA PARTY ARE FOR SALE! Retail orders no longer accepted. If you are interested in purchasing a portion of remaining inventory or taking over this magical, empowering line, email drljwellness@gmail.com or call 813-333-2626. Dr. LJ Rose is now changing and saving lives by healthy living advocacy at www.drljs.com.

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Thanksgiving 2010
A Magical Black Friday
Whimsical Wishlists
Raw Deals: Book Presale
Fairy Therapy: Grateful to My Body Meditation

August 2010
Watch us on TV!
Super Secret Sale
Fairy Therapy: Animal Therapy

June 2010
Natural Beauty Tips
Magical Weddings
Fairy Therapy: Helping Bahari Heal

Mother's Day 2010
A Fairy-inspired Earth Day
Website Updates
Fairy Therapy: Fairy Boxes

Easter 2010
GLK Saves the Day!
Easter Specials
How to spot fairies
Fairy Therapy: Easter Eggs

St. Patrick's 2010
Free Fairy Halo
Tooth fairy stock rises!
Fairy Therapy: Wisdom in Whimsy

DailyOM 2010
Daily OM Special
Free Music Download
Fairy Therapy: Heart’s Desire

Moving Sale 2010
We’re moving!
Fairy Therapy: Winter’s Wonders

Holidays 2009
Fairy Capes
Fairy Nature Walk
Holiday Gifts for You
Sparkly Special!

Thanksgiving 2009
Fairy Food
Holiday Drawing
Fairy Therapy: Nature’s Gift

Halloween 2009
Ravanna’s Lip Magic
Halloween Fairy
Fairy Bodices
Fairy Apprentices
Fairy Therapy: Exploring a Hidden Desire

August/September 2009
Inner Fairy Quiz
The 100th Monkey
Fairy Therapy: Butterfly Love

July 2009
Social Media Fairy
Fairy Girls Club
Baby Tutu Gift Sets
Fairy Therapy: Culture Power

June 2009
Florida Fairy Dust
Fairy Therapy Certification
Fairy Goddess Experience
Fairy Therapy: Tree Power

May 2009
The Power of 21
Doing Good
Fairy Therapy: Personal Power

Fairy Day 2009
We Believe in Fairies!
Fairy Girls of Tampa
Easter Specials
Fairy Funny Comic!
Fairy Therapy: Be your own cheerleader!

March 2009
Halo Magic
Fairy Fundraising
Cup of Tea
Fairy Therapy: Friendship Therapy

February 2009
Good Love Karma
Valentine’s Gift Bags
Fairy Angel Kitty
Fairy Therapy: Painting Rainbows

January 2009
Fairy Appealing
Book Blitz
Being a Fairy Girl
Great American Teach-in
Fairy Therapy: Bahari’s Balancing Breath

Holiday 2008
My Secret Fairy Surprise
Fairy Boa Halo
Fairy Stocking Stuffer

November 2008
Fairy Fashion Tutus
Body Care Sale
Calling All Fairy Artists!
Fairy Therapy: Holiday Cheer

October 2008
Fairy Magic Glow
Harmonia, Pixie of Peace
Fairy Wings for Halloween
Fairy Therapy: Doing Food

August 2008
Tooth Fairy Pillow
Fairy Funny Comic
Fairy Tea Party Alliance
Fairy Therapy: Counting Your Blessing

June 2008
Magical Natural Science
Fairy Girls Club Launched!
Being a Fairy Girl
Fairy Therapy: Nap Therapy

May 2008
Fairy Lockets
Fairy Ravanna, Diva of Daring and Discovery
Fairy Therapy: Exploring a Hidden Desire

April 2008
Fairy Tale Readings
April 4th: Fairy Day!
Fairy Tea Party Collector’s Teapot
Fairy Therapy: 2-Phase Spring Cleaning

Holiday 2007
10 Ideas for the Reflective Pause
Magical Room Décor Kit
Fairy Therapy: Bahari’s Bath Therapy

October 2007
Collector’s Edition Fairy Wings
Spin the Fairy Wheel of Fortune!
Favorite Product Review
Fairy Therapy: Connecting with your Fairy Muse

August/September 2007
The Story of Fairy Dust
In the Magic Fairy Forest
Fairy Therapy: Animal Therapy

July 2007
Meet our Fabulous Fairy Artist
Fairy Line Bingo: A Whimsical Twist!
Fairy Community Service
Fairy Therapy: Self-Nurturing Session

May/June 2007
Fairy Tea Party Commercial
Collector’s Fairy Snow Globes
Fairy Feedback Testimonial
Fairy Therapy: Isabella’s Rainbow

Mother's Day 2007
Fairy Line Rewards Your Input!
Fairy Happy Mother’s Day!
Fairy Feedback Testimonial
Fairy Therapy: Bahari’s Balancing Breath

April 2007
Fairy Line Naturals Invited to the Oscars!
April 4th: Fairy Day!
Fairy Feedback Testimonial
Fairy Therapy: The Cornucopia

February 2007
Fairy Tea Party: A Magical Adventure of Fairies, Fun, and Friendship!
Fairy Line Naturals at the International Plaza!
Fairy Feedback Testimonial

January 2007
Who We Are: The Fairy Line Tale
The Gift of Fairy Friendship: What You Give is What You Have
Fairy Feedback Testimonial
Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolutions!

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