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Fairy Ravanna's Ravishing Lip Magic

FAIRY LINE AND FAIRY TEA PARTY ARE FOR SALE! Retail orders no longer accepted. If you are interested in purchasing a portion of remaining inventory or taking over this magical, empowering line, email drljwellness@gmail.com or call 813-333-2626. Dr. LJ Rose is now changing and saving lives by healthy living advocacy at www.drljs.com.


Ravanna's Ravishing Lip Magic is as alluring and intriguing as the Goth Fairy who inspired this creation.

Imagine capturing the dazzling sparkle of a million stars in a midnight sky in just a single stroke of this luminous lip gloss. Sultry brilliance is the best way to describe its effect.

  • Sheer black gloss
  • Exotic and shimmering
  • Gazillions of green and red sparkles
  • Blend with lipstick for a unique effect
  • Luscious currant flavor

If you are the adventurous type or want to step outside your comfort zone a bit and "walk on the wild side," Fairy Ravanna
invites you to experience something very different. You are bound to get noticed!

FairyGuide.com gave our gloss rave reviews! "I would have to second that the gloss can work magic on your lips. Though I had chapped lips... within seconds I could feel my lips stop hurting as they absorbed the gloss's moisture. Green and red flecks sparkle in a sheer black gloss for a truly exotic and fantastical look... it smells and tastes good, too!"

Price: $8.95

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